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Tomasz Bernat, Aleksandra Gąsior

Microeconomics theory and practice. A case study approach

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We put in your hands a collection of case studies centered around the field of microeconomics.This publication is primarily intended to be a compendium of knowledge on practical issues in the economy and a reference to the theory of microeconomics. It covers topics such as basic economic concepts, demand and supply analysis, market, market equilibrium, consumer and producer choices, and finally market structures.
Each case study is structured as follows: title, keywords indicating the subject of the example and its relation to the theory of microeconomics, text, and control questions. It is intended to help you quickly find the exercise materials you need. We wish you pleasant and useful reading, Aleksandra Gąsior and Tomasz Bernat

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1.1. Train or Plane? Vietnamese Students’ Choice
1.2. Ronda Company’s decision: shoes or shirts?
1.3. Work or study? – This Is the Question!
1.4. Rice or Tea? – This Is the Question!
1.5. Shoes Factory
1.6. Copenhagen Restaurant
1.7. Should I stay or should I go? Day job versus own company
1.8. Hurricane Sandy and gas shortages

2.1. Electrifying elasticity
2.2. China Automobile Market
2.3. Mobility Package – where are you going Europe?
2.4. Gordon Gekko still in real estate
2.5. Price elasticity of demand for cigarettes and public policies. Are smokers so addicted?
2.6. Elasticity is cool!
2.7. Good years for farming are not necessarily good years for farmers
2.8. Highway around the world. Why does Polish fuel seem absurdly expensive?
2.9. Is It Worth Breaking Out the World Trade War?
2.10. Labour market – the perfect way to set the price? Ninja and PewDiePie as an example
2.11. Local but remarkable – „Pasztecik Szczeciński” case study
2.12. Pencil or apple?

3.1. Deepwater Horizon
3.2. Amazon is playing with pricing strategy. The Kindle case study
3.3. Company in the rapid development of a company brokering in short-term apartments
3.4. Laptop not for everyone
3.5. Maximizing revenues or maximizing profits? The case of Burger King
3.6. Split Payment – what does this mean for Polish entrepreneurs?
3.7. Should bus drivers know economics?
3.8. Tenders – selection of the most advantageous offer or entrepreneurs’ game?
3.9. Why are Last Minute Airline Tickets So Cheap?

4.2. Fitness club “Energy Lifestyle”
4.3. God as an economist. Would He create perfect competition in our world?
4.4. Monopoly – a destructive or creative power? State monopoly in Poland
4.5. LULUCF – how many trees can be cut down in the forest?
4.6. We need a lift
4.7. Go West
4.8. Tesla, Inc.
4.9. How much is coronavirus?
4.10. Troubles in a football club
4.12. RONALD Ltd.
4.13. Risky laundry

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